Friday, June 4, 2010

The Toughest Job You'll Ever Love

Here I am, sitting in my hotel room in San Francisco. No time to check out the trollies, though. Orientation was all day today.

Saying goodbye to everyone was really, really hard. I know it's not forever, and we're going to be (hopefully) talking throughout my service, but it's difficult to imagine that I can't just call up someone or hang out with my family anytime I want. Meh.

And uh, thank GOD for Melanie, for her text message woke me up because my alarm didn't! I obviously got there on time and ok, but that was a little scary there for a while.

Everyone seems really awesome, and there's even a guy who was a photographer and a healthie as well! So I predict I will be getting some lessons and keeping up with my photography! A bunch of us went to a reaaaally good burger place (seems really local), and I can already tell I'm going to miss it. Hm.

AH! ADDRESS! Here is my (temporary) address, please no packages but pictures, letters and perhaps hard candy (for my host fam) would be much appreciated:

Katarzyna M Borkowski PCT
Post Office Box 1036
Central Post Office
Ulaanbaatar 15160
Mongolia (via China)

Katarzyna M Borkowski PCT
Знх Tайвaн Кopпyc
Tөв Шyyдaн
Шyyдaнгийи xaйpцaг 1036
Улaaнбaaтap 15160
Moнгoл Улc
Mongolia (via China)

NOTE! Probably easier if:
-Use a FLAT RATE box!! It will be cheaper with sending packages!
-Write out (or type is easier) BOTH the addresses!
-If using a package, wrap the whole thing in clear tape many times... a lot of the packages get opened in-transit.

That's all for now. I'll see ya'all on the flip side (aka SOUTH KOREA AND MONGOLIA!)

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  1. Teeheehee I'm glad my text was good for something. I remembered you saying something about 6 am so I thought I'd text one last line of encouragement before you left (I don't know if you'll have cell phone use or not while you're there). Miss you lots, and I hope everything goes well.
    <3 Mel