Monday, June 28, 2010

Thunder and Earthquakes

I just got off the phone with my mum, Luke and Ellen and it sounds like there was an earthquake in Michigan (technically in Canada, but was felt in MI) a couple days ago?? The world is ending, isn't it? Poop. I had so much more to do, too.

In other news, we actually had thunder AND lightning for like 20 minutes one day, it was awesome. I really missed it... going to sleep during the thunderstorm is the best thing ever. Sadly there wasn't any rain with the mini-storm but it was really windy and so it got pretty dusty. Earlier in the week there was a huge dust storm but followed by rain so the dust settled down. The weather has been really hot for the past couple days- in the 90's (97 yesterday! UGH) but it's not humid so it's pretty tolerable.

During one of my walks to school, I saw (what I think was) a cow leg bone... with hoof still attached. Oh Mongolia. Bones are a really common thing (people throw them out the window and dogs will chew on them), but I hadn't seen an attached hoof until that point.

On Wednesday we went as a class to our local hospital, to the traditional medicine branch. There we saw them do acupuncture, moxibuston (totally spelled that wrong I think, but it's like acupuncture but with a burning tip to create pressure) and cupping (putting pressurized cups on areas of the body, which is supposed to improve circulation, but creates a really huge bruise as well. We watched some actual patients get these treatments, which made for an interesting conversation afterwords. For example, one lady had bad GI issues, which we were told after acupuncture and diet changes she didn't have pain as much. But is that the acupuncture, or is that the diet change? Or both? I'm interested in people's thoughts on this...

 Friday the healthies did some karaoke... or at least for 10 minutes and then the power went out... in the whole of the city! It was entertaining for about 15 more minutes and then we decided to leave, using our cellphones (which are now glorified alarm clocks) as our guides back. I payed for that night on Saturday morning though... the elevation of Mongolia makes it so you can't tolerate as much alcohol as you would in the US. Whoops. But the afternoon was nice, full of good discussion.

This week one of the PCVs (who is going home next month) is hooking us up with some food stuffs from UB (the capital, which we are not allowed to go to under any circumstances as trainees until the end of our training), like mozzarella cheese...  can you say awesome pizza? Food has been a big topic of discussion lately. I could so go for a Jimmy Johns sandwich right about now. :( I wonder if they could do the freaky fast delivery out here.

Ah, and shout out to the PCV parents reading my blog :) Apparently I have some fans!



  1. I heard about that earthquake...craazy! Michigan seems to be having a lot of thunderstorms this summer. They keep predicting them here, with nothing to show for it.
    I'm pretty sure I saw a video as an undergrad of a woman having brain surgery with acupuncture involved. Because of the acupuncture they didn't use as much anesthesia as normal, and she could actually carry on a conversation during the surgery. Pretty neat stuff. Anyhoo, I'm glad you're doing well. Love you!

  2. There was an earthquake! I felt it. I was watching tv at my apt and I thought I heard the garbage truck but then I got confused because the garbage doesn't get picked up until Thursdays and it was Wednesday afternoon. And then Justin texted me and said, "did you feel the earthquake?" So I heard the rumbling and the ground barely shook at all. And now you have me craving Jimmy Johns but alas, I have no money to buy Jimmy Johns so I will have to settle for something at the apt. :(

  3. I didn't feel the earthquake at all! I never even knew until I heard it in the news. TotP was kind of lame. the music was so so and everything was so expensive!! So I think maybe just going for the movie on the weekdays would be better. mmmm pizza!! I'm hungry now too! Homemade pizza is really the best you should ask Sean about it he makes the best! At my old practice we used Acupuncture on some of the old dogs, to help with back pain etc. They loved it! They would just fall asleep after the first couple needles. But it is most likely a combo of both the diet and acupuncture. Plus the power of suggestion is not to be underestimated. This needle in your belly will make you feel better!! Well hey! it works!