Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Just know you're not alone, 'cause I'm gonna make this place your home

I've moved. Capital city, baby!

I've actually been here for some time, since the beginning of the month. Ever since then, however, it's been a whirl-wind of activity and excitement mostly on the Peace Corps end. I'll be honest- I'm loving my life right now. I can't believe how lucky and blessed I am for these opportunities and for my dear friends here. I feel like I'm in a really good place and I hope to keep that up this year.

That's to say this summer didn't come without tears:

Some of my amazing BU friends who came to see me off.  That morning was the end of an important chapter in my life, and I was kind of a wreck.

I have a lot post about my last couple weeks in the BU, but for now I'll post random pictures I've been taking (with my cell phone... ha) during the past couple weeks during my transition. They're basically in order from the beginning of August, to the end:

It's official!!  
Pomegranate lemonade... SO GOOD. I heart this city.
I forget how beautiful UB summers are sometimes.
Volleyball with friends...
Toasting marshmallows with a candle... because we're BALLA
(Now ex) sitemate picture time!
One of the coolest parts of the year- SITE ANNOUNCEMENTS! The PCVLs got to announce the placements :)
Back to the party! A large group of M22s are trying to grow out rat tails...
Love ya, Leon.
Swearing in! Look at all the new M23 PCVs :)
Meanwhile, Chris set up a bar using a bed inside of a ger. I was amazed. 
At Terelj National Park for the PCV seminar... nice clean air, and wonderful running trail!
Making nachos with the left over food. YUM. 
Hey! It's my new hospital! Which is... nearly built?
And at my Peace Corps work... I love working with these guys.

Also!! I've been training all summer... and late next month I'll being doing my first 10k run (ok, ok, so I've really only been training for a 5k, but there's no 5k in the gobi this year... boo. Therefore doing the 10k!). So pumped!