Friday, November 18, 2011

The new day dawns, and I'm practicing my purpose once again.

So here's my in-between week. Last week, big seminar. This week, home. Next week, big seminar. I'm leaving again Saturday for UB to be the Health trainer for IST (remember last year I brought Altansuvd?), and THANKSGIVING! I'm excited that next year I'll be with my family, but Thanksgiving here isn't a poor substitute. This will be the last time before COS (close of service) conference that we're all together, so we gotta make it count!

Long photo post! Whoops.

So last week, I traveled the most west I've been in Mongolia so far- to Erdenet. I've been preparing nursing skill presentations for Laura (a fellow M21) and Gracie (a new M22 healthie). I first had a stop in Ulaan Tolgoi (literally: red head) at Laura's soum and did a two day training for the hospital there:

Laura has the CUTEST most well behaved cat I've ever met. And BIG EYES! 
Practicing positioning with Gracie as my patient!
Laura (on the left), Gracie and I with the hospital employees. (Gracie's CP, Doogie, is the one with the black dress in the back- she was my amazing translator the whole week)
I had to take a picture of this. It just says "School". The school is named "School".
We're cold! 
Sunset in Ulaan Tolgoi.

Next it was onto Erdenet! Three days of nursing skill seminars. Tiring, but it was well worth it. We covered everything from nursing ethics to constipation. The nurses were really receptive and we had some awesome discussions. It was also really nice to see the M21s I've missed (Katie, Ryan and Ali!):

And it begins! There were over 60 nurses there. Dang.
View if you were sitting in the back.
I sometimes drifted to the back to speak just to make sure people were paying attention.
Oh yeah, we had dinner! Here's Ryan and Katie shelling the shrimp.
Finished result- salad (with "feta") and shrimp pasta and garlic bread (not pictured). Mmm.
Gracie poured a whole bottle of something on her computer, now the backlight doesn't work. Hilarity ensues whenever she wants to do anything on her computer.
Ok, ok, back to the seminar. This woman speaking is the head of nursing in Erdenet, and is best friends with Tuya and Saraa (from the health department). Small country, eh?
The ER doc showed us all how NOT to transfer a patient (Gracie). Owch. 
Two person lift from a wheelchair. Not too bad!
You can see how nervous I am. We're practicing patient falls. This is pretty much how it ended up in my hospital, too.

Alright, I'll stop killing your bandwidth with my pictures.


Pull the Turnip!
Children's English play... comp...compet.... competition (gaaaahhhh)
But this one was cute. (And it won)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Mongolian MacGyver

I'm back in the BU after a tiring, but productive, week of nursing seminars in Ulaan Tolgoi/Erdenet. I will post about that later this week.


When you're a PCV, you get used to things breaking and you being the one to fix it/find a way around it. Such as using a broom dust pan to put your outdoor thermometer outside on the window ledge from the tiny high-up window in your apartment, or tumpins to catch the rain that should be falling outside.

In my last post I mentioned using my old water filter candle as a practice amputation stump:

You really don't want to see what's under there- it's pretty gross. 
My favorite, however, is how I figured out how to fill up my washer without any sort of hose.

Answer: A piece of hula hoop (left over from camp), cut at one end, duct taped to the facet.


Also a new store has appeared in the BU. I knew it was gonna be good but not THIS GOOD: shrimp, squid (?!?), cake mixes, and lots and lots of good (and expensive) booze. We now are officially the coolest aimag. DEAL WITH IT.