Friday, September 30, 2011

Please tell me what there is complain about…

It has been far too long. What is wrong with me- two months and no update? Another whirl-wind of months go by, and I realize how little time I actually have left here (11 months, WHAT?!). So lets back this train up, and make a (short) list of happenings:

-My CP is preggos, but you already knew that.
-That same week, I proceeded to break my iPhone on a rock (v. bleak moment for me, but I got the whole screen replaced in the capital. Who knew?)
-Altaa is preggos too! And the baby is due around the time that Suvdaa's is!
-Also that same week, I was told I was going to move apartments (I haaaaate moving)
-Ashley left Mongolia :(
-Went to MST (Mid-Service Training), and it was actually a lot of fun, with good discussion and painless seminars!
-Went to Anhaa’s (Sarah’s CP) wedding, hung out in the houdo
-My life being spent watching episodes of TV shows:
       -I finished watching The Tudors (sooo good)
       -Started watching Mad Men (sooo good)
       -Re-started watching all my favorite shows this month (sooo good)

It wasn’t all bad… that same week I had the crazy stuff happening was the same week I had found out from Soyol that we were getting *two* new volunteers instead of one! And dearest Ashley came to the BU as a sort of “final farewell”… more like she was here for seminar purposes, but it was nonetheless so nice to have her here.

After packing up my whole life in boxes, thinking I was going to move that next Wednesday, but not actually moving until Friday and going to the capital on Sunday (with barely unpacking and Mika not getting to adjust to the new place), my brain was fried. I was a crazy hot mess for a couple weeks there!

My place is finally put together (after like 2 weeks of cleaning!), but I still have yet to get a kitchen sink and a shower. But I did get a carpet that makes my place look like there’s a runway in it, so I’ll call that a victory. The sink should be here eventually because my landlord’s (one of the doctors at the hospital) husband is going to be the one to do it, and he’s in China. Of course. Could be worse! Could be raining… oh wait:
Rain? In my apartment?
Hasn’t rained in my apartment since (scratch that- it did last night), even though it was raining this week. So, whatever. It’ll be snowing soon enough. And it has been COLD. I had a moment of “oh yeah. THIS is what the cold feels like.” It warmed up for a while, but windier than I remember it being this time last year.

Work is crazy busy and I love it. We’re really getting into the groove of regular nurse-teaching sessions, and I’m starting some cool programs in the hospital.

Enough small-talk. Picture time!

Last Chance
Boy racing at Naadam
Birdie on the Rock
Can you spot the bird?
Happy Couple
Anhaa and Zorgoo... the newly wed couple and soon to have a baby :)
Why hello there
Seriously, the creepiest men I've ever met (the two on the left). They were drunk as skunks (as you can tell) and couldn't remember/get over the fact we weren't Russian. And this guy looking at the camera wanted me to call him later. YEAH. SURE BUDDY I'LL GET RIGHT ON THAT. He was also confused on why I wasn't eating a second helping of mutton soup.
Sarah and Dilguun
Sarah and her "forever six year old buddy"
FALL! Some of the only trees in the BU and they're on hospital grounds.

Happy Fall!