Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hey! HEY YOU! Yeah, you, come here!

Dear everyone,

I know you're reading my blog. Oh, I know. There are hundreds of you, coming from all different sorts of countries and computer operating systems (blogger gives me a chart: are there still people using IE?).

Anyway, since you're here, please check this cool project out.

Please consider donating to my (and my counterparts) amazing project. If I didn't believe in it, I wouldn't have helped write it. DO IT!! I'll love you forever.



Saturday, March 17, 2012

Beach Corps

Here I am, last full day on the island. And I'm on the internet blogging and checking March Madness stats (SUCKS TO SUCK MICHIGAN ahahahahaha). I'm waiting for my family to wake up so I can make breakfast and go snorkeling one last time. We're on St. John, and we've pretty much not had to go anywhere else... full of freaking amazing beaches and even more amazing food and people. I adore it here, but my skin doesn't- I still think I'm slightly allergic to the sun, because I get those awful rashes if I'm out too long:

Ignore my haggardness of appearance and my pouty face- I've just woken up. Also, the rash doesn't look as bad in the camera. 

That's another reason I'm not in the Beach Corps (the oh-so-affectionate name for Peace Corps volunteers who live on islands/near water), or anywhere really hot. I talked with one of my old sitemates just before I left, and he said that Beach Corps volunteers complain incessantly about their situation. Which they shouldn't, we both agreed. I guess bugs wouldn't be fun, but we have those too. Grass is always greener though, right?

Anyway, apparently the temp doesn't get too high here in the summer, and year-round it's something like 70-90 because of the sea regulation. Crazy. It also hasn't rained at all since we've been here, despite a 50% chance of rain everyday (watch... downpour = tonight).

In honor of St. Patrick's Day (which we will be celebrating today at all the bars by the beach), here is some Caribbean fun:

That is truly the question, isn't it?
Rum rum rum... yum!

(Real pics to follow when I get back to the land of the blue sky...)