Saturday, June 11, 2011

So... where did that year go?

Yes, my friends. It's been (now) well over a year since I've stepped foot on the steppes (ha) of Mongolia. Crazy, yeah? I took some time to look back at the year, at the work I did, at all the friends I've made, and I realized I'm really excited for the year to come. 

Late last month, I went to UB for a nursing seminar, and to greet the M22s (the new volunteers!). We're no longer the newbies! It's a weird feeling, but honestly it feels so good. I liked PST alright, but as some M20s I met put it, "it's one of those things you liked, and happy you did it, but are glad it's over and never want to do again" things. It's nice to have my own place and work to do. I suppose it's gotta do with the "locus of control" thing... I can control more things now than I could during training, and it feels good. Not to say I didn't have awesome times! I'm excited to go down to the Z to visit during Naadam (with my family!).

Right now, however, it's all about the camp... after the seminar in UB, it was back to the BU for crunch time. We're doing pretty well at the moment, but there's more work to do before wednesday. Also! No internet for me starting on the 15th, until early July! I'm excited for camp, but I think I'm going to start to get antsy when July hits because Mom, Konrad and Monika will be coming :D I'm so excited to share crazy Mongolian adventures with them... because once I sit at the computer, I literally forget all the hilarious/crazy/WTF-moments that have happened since I last wrote a blog. Go figure.

I hope to have really neato pics from our camp. Have a good June everyone!

Pictures! *takes of sunglasses* YEAAAAHHHHHHHHH

PIZZA HAS COME TO THE BU! So we celebrated with some for Mogi's birthday. 
Nursing seminar at Jamie's hospital! Jamie and I with some of the awesome nurses.
Hannah (who is leaving today!) and I, hanging out near Grandville. 
Alright, any of my A2 peeps remember this show?? This was at the arcade at the movies I went to.
Waiting for the new peeps! Brian and I were the official banner holders.
Aaron practicing the break through (hint: it is hard to break through burlap material, bring a knife) 
The boys, attempting to look like badasses for the newbies.
Walk through tunnel! It stretches back, but it's hard to see since Mongolians took over half-way.
They're here!! Hard to imagine that was us a year ago...
Some of the CYD girls and I at Sukhbaatar Square in the capital... complete with a wrapped up Sukhbaatar statue in the background.
Houdo Livin'
Lastly... and oldie for you guys. Happy spring/summer time ya'all. :)