Thursday, June 28, 2012

Nothing is as scary as election day...

(Song by my dear Norah Jones...)

Election Day in Mongolia... to read about what happened 4 years ago, check this article out. No worries, though, Peace Corps is keeping us nice and safe. I'm pretty sure nothing crazy will go down in my little town, esp because it's raining cats and dogs outside. (RAIN I HATE YOU... mostly because it's raining INSIDE my apartment more than ever. Sigh.)

I'll talk about camp later. It was fun. For now, election coverage!

It's been a little tough to understand exactly what's going on, or who is promising how much money to whom, but the process is pretty similar to American elections:

Lots and lots of ad banners
Random rallys seemingly in the middle of nowhere
Office parties! (This was taken while we were driving by in the meeker... so sue me if  it's crooked)
Covering children with huge stickers of your associated party.
More ad banners!
Really random helicopters hovering over our town of 15,000.  (Actually kinda cool since this is the first time I've ever seen anything working at our airport)
...I'm not bitter.

Not pictured: Political rallys in the square, TV ad after TV ad, a freaking giant HORSE parade, and lack of CPs at work because they're working for the election. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cat Post (and other things)

We're headed to camp tomorrow until the 24th... so here's a June post for ya. Oh yes, if you want to read about last year's shenanigans...

In May news, I had my birthday (which was an amazing joint party with Bonnie, who's b-day was the 13th), finished up projects, wrote reports, etc. BUSY.

OH YEAH. And the M23s are here. Oh boy. Doesn't that make me feel like an old M21. I'm getting pumped about this coming year... it'll be pretty amazing. Unless it isn't. Then that would be sad. But I've already made plans, like Eagle Fest and learning Spanish. I've already got my dates down for my home leave (c/o peace corps!)... Dec 20th-Jan 27th... watch out family and friends all across Amerik. Kate's comin' for ya!

But this post isn't about me, it's about my kitty, Mika, who will probably be in a new home by this time next month. My new apartment in UB doesn't allow kitties, so... new home he goes. I'll miss playing fetch with him, and having him attack my feet at night. He'll have fun being a ger kitty, I'll bet. There'll be more things to kill than flies.

Here's to you, Mika:

(He actually put himself like that... I didn't put him under the covers)
Bonus picture!! New tattoo: "nuhuriin hereg butvel, ooriin hereg butne" (basic english translation: if you help others, you'll receive help yourself)

That's it for now. Until after camp!