Wednesday, May 30, 2012

You're the only north star I'd follow this far...

I'm now in capital (...again), with dearest Ellen this time!

I'd like to give shout-out to all the people who donated to my PCPP project that I mentioned a few posts ago. We are fully funded, and construction is underway!

Check out all the cool press we've been getting:

Also the PC center at MSU shared the PC page, and the College of Nursing has contacted me! I'm happy it's been getting such a good response.

In other news, t-minus 2 months until I move from site to the big city! It's gonna be hard to say goodbye, but I'm glad I'll be around another year. I'll be back for tsagaan sar. :)

Here's a rando picture to tide you over until I have time to actually make a photo post!

Sunset in the Caribbean...

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Well, this is just a simple song...

HEY GUESS WHAT it's Nurse's Week! So here's a themed post because it's the little things in life that make me happy, like THEMES:

A couple weeks ago, we hosted the regional nursing competition among the eastern aimags. It was great fun, and of course I got to take lots and lots and lots of photos. Have you ever wanted to put on your own nursing competition? OF COURSE. So let me show you how:

Bright, sunny and in the 70s is exactly how you want to start your competition.
Line 'em up, listen to some opening remarks... 
This is one of our schizophrenic patients. This is actually the same woman from last year who would yell at me in Russian and follow me places. This year, however, she must have forgotten about it... because right after she caught me taking the picture, she came up to me and said (in Mongolian), "are we friends?" I said, of course. We shook hands and continued to watch the speeches. 
Next, you do a little presentation on your hospital (this is where I got shout-out #1)
Oh yes, you must remember to put up your hair to perfection....
Last minute chatter/cramming...
Next, have your nurses test out the skills... 
This is Ghanaa, one of the nurses on my hospital's team, and also my neighbor! 
Reminds me of skill checks in nursing school.... ugh.
Oh hey, remember that nice weather the day before? Scrap that shit because here comes SNOW for the second day of the competition!
Yeah, you know why I took this picture.
This game is called, "count how many people are photoshopped into the picture." Hint: it's way more than you think.
FINALLY back to the competition. Here comes the real fancy stuff.
First some kind of introduction. Which could include a song/poem...
Or some kind of ethnic dance bit... (that woman with the mic is supposed to be playing a Russian)
Or have a Florence Nightingale impersonator...
... complete with dancing military women!
Yeah, clearly the coolest intro.
Close up!
Next, lets show the judges what you've been up to this year! (This is where I got shout out #2!) 
Not pictured: large screen with power points on it. Oh yeah, the woman on the right has a picture of a healthy lung stuck to her middle. They were doing a bit about smoking.
Next, have one person from each team answer a complicated (?) medical question. (A lot of them were about med dosages). If you're wondering why three of them look so happy, its because we were like the only team to get their question right.
Next, each team needs to answer a joint question! (They sounded like case studies to me...) 
Next, have each team come up and make sure they have their nursing supplies in their pockets, such as a watch, a pen,  hair in a bun, a towel and soap. This was the only part that I went, "uhhhh what." 
Finally, end with a upbeat song from your aimag.
Because they're amazing, my nurses got 1st place.... for the second year in a row!!
Congrats! Now they're all in UB competing in the national competition (last year they came in 5th). Go go Sukhbaatar go!!

Happy Nurse's Week, everyone!