Wednesday, May 30, 2012

You're the only north star I'd follow this far...

I'm now in capital (...again), with dearest Ellen this time!

I'd like to give shout-out to all the people who donated to my PCPP project that I mentioned a few posts ago. We are fully funded, and construction is underway!

Check out all the cool press we've been getting:

Also the PC center at MSU shared the PC page, and the College of Nursing has contacted me! I'm happy it's been getting such a good response.

In other news, t-minus 2 months until I move from site to the big city! It's gonna be hard to say goodbye, but I'm glad I'll be around another year. I'll be back for tsagaan sar. :)

Here's a rando picture to tide you over until I have time to actually make a photo post!

Sunset in the Caribbean...

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