Monday, November 14, 2011

Mongolian MacGyver

I'm back in the BU after a tiring, but productive, week of nursing seminars in Ulaan Tolgoi/Erdenet. I will post about that later this week.


When you're a PCV, you get used to things breaking and you being the one to fix it/find a way around it. Such as using a broom dust pan to put your outdoor thermometer outside on the window ledge from the tiny high-up window in your apartment, or tumpins to catch the rain that should be falling outside.

In my last post I mentioned using my old water filter candle as a practice amputation stump:

You really don't want to see what's under there- it's pretty gross. 
My favorite, however, is how I figured out how to fill up my washer without any sort of hose.

Answer: A piece of hula hoop (left over from camp), cut at one end, duct taped to the facet.


Also a new store has appeared in the BU. I knew it was gonna be good but not THIS GOOD: shrimp, squid (?!?), cake mixes, and lots and lots of good (and expensive) booze. We now are officially the coolest aimag. DEAL WITH IT.

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