Sunday, October 23, 2011

Work Updates OR "So what DO you do in Peace Corps?"

A post... about work? Timo! (Really!)

I still get asked all the time about what I do. To this day, I'm maybe still not sure. As the second year here goes on, more and more projects have come about. Non-TEFLs have the hardest time with figuring out "what we do," but perhaps the most flexibility in that sense.

So these are some of the projects I've been doing:
Seminars! (Nursing skills)
Grant writing! (I had to take pictures for the water distiller project... we're getting drinking water for the patients)
English club! (Check out my awesome drawing skills)
Nursing skill practicing! (Yes, that is my old water filter being used as an amputation stump)
Children's art therapy! (They're just happy to get out of the unit!)
Stroke rehabilitation therapy! (This one is a lot of fun!)
And teaching Mika how to keep his tongue in this mouth while he sleeps! (This is perhaps my most failed project so far)

Not pictured: Mongolish Club and the hours I spend on making power point presentations. Whee.

Let's play some ball!
A bonus 3x1 picture from my family trip. Should have brought a basketball to the middle of nowhere!

Peace and love, ya'all. Happy Halloween!

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