Sunday, October 9, 2011

Here comes the light of an autumn moon

A couple things. I'm almost done with Mad Men season 4, and I've developed a girl-crush:

How could you not? I think it's the red hair and/or the attitude. You just want to BE her. She makes the show, and she's probably one of the most "moral" characters (surprisingly?). I guess after this I'm going to have to try out that "game of thrones" show all the boys have been talking about for ages.

Secondly. It's October, so that means Kate switches to her October play list (I have songs for every month that I usually don't listen to other times of the year):

"October" by Broken Bells - if you like the Shins, try this band, the lead singer is the same. Good stuff.

"Waiting for October" by Polaris - remember Pete and Pete? This was that band that played the theme song and other music in the series. The whole album brings be back.

"Strange and Beautiful" album by Aqualung - Reminds me of the fall before nursing school... that weird transitional period where I was a psych major for a semester.

Thirdly. I've become a cooking fiend. My favorite meals as of late:
1) Chicken, onion and mayo sandwiches
2) Banana bread! I think I've finally gotten it down
3) Hot chicken wings (yumm)
4) Toast, used in any way possible

Basically anything with chicken is a good meal. The meat is expensive, but fruit is more so. I've been counting up what I've been spending this month and I spend more on fruit, veggies and candy (sigh) then I do chicken. Also paper towels. Those are freaking expensive (like 5 bucks for two small rolls), so never again.

And thirdly is where it ends, I suppose... time for more Mad Men.

Mongol Rap
Taken at the TEDxUlaanbaatar conference in August. He was really good.

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