Saturday, June 5, 2010

Seoul has got Soul

Not like we're exploring the city or anything, but I'm totally putting it on my map of places I've been... sorta. :) Chillin' in the airport for now. Flight is at 6:30p, and it's 5:10p right now. My time zone sense has gone totally out the window after flying from EST to Cali time (pacific?) and now to Korean time, which is the same as Japan (13 hours ahead of EST).

It's pretty funny traveling in a group of 70+ people, of which yesterday one of the speakers said it was like "herding cats". Um, familiar much? ;) So after another 12-hour flight, I feel like I never left Japan (Koreans look markably different than Japanese, however), except I can't speak any Korean. And also, too tired to drag out my camera for any sort of pictures. Don would be sad.

Ok, maybe some pictures. We'll see.


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