Friday, June 18, 2010

Mary Had a Little Lamb...

...that she cut up for meat.

Not really. Ashley had to sing in class today, and she chose that song so it's stuck in my head at the moment. We played a card game (with Mongolian words) in which the loser had to sing or dance. Blaine did some juggling, our teacher sang a song, and I did the Soulja Boy dance that Monika taught me.

Some neat things that I think Ellen would find interesting/awesome/not awesome:
-Horses are eeeeverywheeere in this town... last Friday, Ashely and I were coming back from the square (which has this sweet light-up fountain where all the kids hang out and throw water on each other), and we saw a huge herd of horses running by being followed by a dude in a saddled horse. And uh, apparently you can get a horse. So yeah. I want one.
-Animals aren't kept as pets. Dogs are freaking everywhere and they are dirty as hell. But they are more workers/scavengers, so not pet material. I want to pet them so bad, but then I remember I haven't had all my rabies shots yet and I don't want to get bit. Oh, and Mongolians hate cats. So they're really easy to get as a pet. Score!

Language is hard as ever, but I think that's going to be another reoccurring theme. Lots of studying this weekend, hoorah! And perhaps movie watching too... I watched Across the Universe (thanks Ellen!) and Men Who Stare At Goats this past week.

Ahh glass. One of the banes of my existence now that I've almost cut my foot on it. Mongolia is quite sparkly if you look at it right... but it's really just glass shards everywhere. Trash is a relatively new concept in Mongolia, so taking the trash to the hills is just one way they get rid of it here. Oh, and my mouth- yesterday at Matt's ger we were all studying and Cody thought it was a good idea to open the bottles of beer on the stove... which broke the top right off leaving a cut-glass rim around it. Yay! :) ...what is that iron taste in my mouth?

I might do some hiking today, who knows. Peace for now!


  1. If you are really going to get a horse I would be so excited! But make sure you get a good one that can walk trot canter and back up on command. never buy a cribber(they chew on everything destroying your stable) and never pick a lame horse(gimpy=bad) also blood and beer is not the best flavor... although it reminds me of Trueblood. I'm glad you watched Across the uni. I'll re watch it and I can be think KATIE KATIE KATIE. so if you are randomly thinking of me and singing the Beatles you will know my mind tricks worked!!! love you!

  2. yah! horses everywhere! thats exciting. have you been able to ride one yet? And why do they hate cats? Oh and i feel like that would be a hoot to see you doing a soldja boy dance. XD But any ways im glad you are having a good time

    Oh and that starter line ... mary had a lil lamb..that she cut up for meat...niiiicccce