Tuesday, June 15, 2010

би кэйтэ.

Title says, "I'm Katie" if you're wondering. :) I could type a lot more, but I'm so not used to the Mongolian keyboard.

Tired today. They've been keeping us quite busy with 4 hours of language class a day, then 1.5 hour lunch, then 2-3 hours of health training. With homework... oi! The weekend was a nice break, although my studying was lacking for sure. Today I felt a little down about language learning, but I'm sure the group studying later will help.

I love the seemingly random English songs that Mongolians use on TV. In the background of commericals, etc will be Green Day (apparently very popular with the teenagers when I talked to them, along with Linkin Park) or even semi-obscure stuff like Lupe Fiasco. Huh. The Korean soap-operas seem to be my host mom's favorite, and my duu (little brother) likes Dragonball Z... dubbed into Mongolian from English. Being so close to Japan I'm not sure if I get that one, but I digress.

I know some of the people have told us not to look at facebook, which I haven't much, but it does make me realize how much I've been missing the short while I've been here. I'm sure that'll be a recurring theme- I've already given up at remotely keeping up with any of my TV shows. (So no spoiling!!)

So, yeah. Same stuff. More shots tomorrow. Weather has been up and down, but generally sunny and warm! Peace :)


  1. Wow, your days seem pretty intense. At least you're keeping busy, unlike SOME people *points to self.* I promise not to ruin any TV shows (not that I watch that many anyway). Maybe you'll get into some of their soap operas...

  2. No worries just think of all the stuff we are missing by not being in Mongolia!! I love you Katie! When I visit you we shall make all new awesome Mongolian Memories!!

  3. Why can't you look at Facebook?! you might get creepy Mongolian stalkers!