Friday, June 11, 2010

Yo yo yo yo!

As I'm writing this, my host brother is tring to tickle me to death and and poking my stomach. Seriously. And I'm saying "yo yo yo yo" (ow ow ow ow) to try and get him to stop. :)

We got our shots a couple days ago, if anyone was wondering what we got- Hep A, Japanese Encephilitis, and Rabies, hooray! Some people had to get more, like Hep B, but I already had it.

My host family is really cool- I'm living in an apartment with the mom and dad, and little brothers (10 years and 1.5 years, aww). My host mother doesn't speak english (which is good- I want to learn as much as I can!), but she DOES speak Japanese, so we've been communicating in a Japanese/Mongolian language so far. I'll be living with them for 3 months... seems like a long time since I've only been here a week and feels like I've been here forever so far.

We had our language lesson this morning, and now we're done for the weekend. I think I really need to work on my Mongolian alphabet... sooo that's my homework for this weekend.

Other observations:
-Milk tea (which actually doesn't have tea, just a kind of salty warm milk) is growing on me.
-Pogs are still all the rage.
-So is Dragonball Z... and scooters!

All for now!


  1. Katie!!!!!!!!!!! I love reading your blog.......pogs are really still all the rage out there? I remember having them when we were like 8. So like 16 years ago. I think mine are still at my parent's house.........glad you're having a great time!!!!!


  2. I'm glad that things are going well with your host family. Maybe you'll actually be trilingual when you get back. :-P