Monday, May 10, 2010

I'm here.

15 hours of travel... our prize? A sweet room (own bedroom with shared living space) and Cup Noodle! :D Yessss... but so tired, I probably don't have the energy to cook it. But apparently I have time to write. And eat my left over gummy bears.

The flight was nice, I suppose. We didn't have the individual TVs, sadly, but I had the exit row with a window so I could get up pretty much as much as I wanted AND see the view when the clouds break. That has to be my favorite- seeing the clouds over the wings going by, excited to see what is beneath them.  At first I thought- Detroit. It was super packed with barely any green. A minute later, though, there were seeing tons of fields, then tons of pools. Japan = lots of stuff in a itty bitty living space.

K, time for bed. See you American people in the evening.

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