Friday, May 21, 2010

I fly like paper, get high like cranes

Semi-quicky blog today. On Wednesday we went to Nagahama, which is a small town a few stops away from Hikone. I bought a bunch of stuff for people (it's so easy to shop for other people than myself, because I want everything but can't have it, haha), and met up with the group to have a dinner at a German-style brewery, which specializes in making their own ale, pilsner, etc. Reaaaally good, and the dinner was amazing! I have some pictures from that on my phone that I'll have to get on here at some point. It was raining, so the beer was a good end to a lazy-ish day.

Hiroshima was yesterday. We first went to Peace Park, which is where all the memorials are, and also where the hypocenter ("ground zero," or the spot where the atomic bomb hit) is located. There is a large building called the A-Bomb Dome which is the only remaining structure from before August 6th, 1945. It was very close to where the hypocenter was, and somehow was saved from absolute destruction like most of the buildings were. The memorial museum was very powerful as well, and it really made me (to be frank) quite embarrassed and ashamed of our country. I know it wasn't us, who were there, that did that terrible act but it was like I could feel the stares by the Japanese people more strongly than before.

"Black rain"- after the bomb hit, ash pored from the sky like rain, and this wall (in the museum) had the marks still, and some trace of radiation still in them.

This tree still has the marks of the atomic bomb.

Near Memorial Mound, where many of the bodies were cremated and buried.

End with something uplifting:

More about Hiroshima later, and also adventures on Miyajima Island! Kyoto again today on my own :)


  1. Love the cranes!! and you!!! -Ellen

  2. Cute post title.
    Heavy stuff in Hiroshima, eh? Politics aside, both sides did things they're not proud of, but a memorial and monument to history is appropriate. Good photos, though.
    Where are the pictures from outside T. Tower!?