Saturday, May 22, 2010

Attack of the Killer Deers!

Another quicky for now... there's so much I want to write about, but not enough time!

Oh, one thing before I get started- squat toilets. I'm getting so good at using them, and I find easier almost than the western toilets! I think that's going to be a good skill when I get to Mongolia. And speaking of such, it's only like 2 weeks away. Ack. I'm going to miss everyone terribly, I can already tell.

OK SO. After the Peace Park at Hiroshima, we took a train and a ferry to Miyojima Island, which that day was pretty foggy, but it added to the mystery. The first thing we saw was the famous shrine:

Pretty cool stuff! That photograph was actually taken at the end of the day, but I digress. We shopped around and some interesting things happened, like Melissa getting attacked by deer:

Also, bonus kitty that was begging for oysters:

Then we went to the summit of the tallest point on the island, which sadly didn't have any monkeys there at the time, and also was pretty foggy:

Photograph of our fearless sensei, Don:

That's kind of it for now... later today after our class dinner, I'll write about my adventures in Kyoto. Peace!

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