Sunday, February 17, 2013

Tsagaan Sar: Re-revisited

Here I am- third year, third Tsagaan Sar.

You can read my other two posts:

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This year, I went to only three homes (perhaps that's fitting?). Just in that, UB Tsagaan Sar was so much different than in the BU. Here are some other general differences I noticed:
-You have to be explicitly invited. You also should agree on a time to go... it takes forever to get to one part of the city or the other, so arranging that is a must.
-Not a lot of people wear deels... almost none of the children/young adults, some of the adults, and most of the elders wore them.
-It seemed to be more of an obligation in the city, than in the countryside.

The first day I went to Saraa's family's Tsagaan Sar... it's a new-ish thing to have a joint-celebration. Save on money! Later that day, I went to a PCV viewing of the new episode of the Walking Dead... complete with Tim's portable projector. We be classy.

On the second day, I went to my coworker's house, then it was off to Zuunmod, my old stomping grounds, to visit my Mongolian teacher and my host family. But it had turned out my host family went to UB, though, so I didn't get to see them. :/

Onto the photos!

Saraa (our PC medical assistant),and Darlene (our country director) do a little TS toast!
Darlene, Saraa, and Saraa's family
Onto Zuunmod! Me with Oogii's baby :D HE'S SO CUTE. Mongolian babies are the CUTEST. AND he actually kinda liked me. Or at least he would laugh at me.
Jerry and Tim, eatin' the buuz.
Oogii's baby and Oogii's mom :)
Samata... Samantha?? So many memories for the M21s.

Other than TS, I've been spending my days doing the usual, and playing Diablo III. I'm so cool I can hardly stand it.

Happy Year of the Snake!

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