Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Come on, come on, this is the story of the town gone wrong

I'm back! And sick. Yay. I've been drinking through all the Teavana tea I got for Christmas (it's so good!), in an effort to get better so I can at least go to work for two days before having another 4 off. That's right- it's Tsagaan Sar time next week!

Anyway, I now present to you... my USA vacation in Instagram form (as if you haven't had enough of that already):
Still in UB...
Sushi... in JAPAN!
Flying over Chi-town

PCV friends in the real world :)

Beijing layover... back to the smog.

So in short: animals, good booze, food, warmth, food, friends, travel and amazing freaking food.

In other news... I may have found some possible job prospects for when I get back. After traveling, of course! So much to do...

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