Monday, October 8, 2012

Waiting for October

Happy Columbus Day! We never "celebrated" it back in Michigan, but we get the day off of PC work because the office is closed. Score. So now I have the morning to blog and perhaps do some grocery shopping in the nearly empty delguur before HCA work and wine-and-Downton-Abbey night with Chris. Even though it's expensive, dirty, loud, and usually a huge hassle... I'm a little bit in love with UB and all its amenities.

Last month I went to the Gobi desert to run a 10k, with some of my fellow PCVs. It was pretty darn awesome, except for the huge sandstorm at the end. I was cleaning sand out of my hair for a week.


Jordan, chatting it up on the way to the Gobi.
...more hudoo.
We didn't actually get to karaoke here. Looked pretty swanky though.
Oh, and we totes did some work too. Here's Sam talking with some CPs.
And Stephanie thinking about what she'll say next.
Long walk before the long day.
Our awesome driver for the day.
And the finish line! (That's not me runnin' up of course.. the finish line looked a lot darker and more windy by the time I got there)
Britt was the first woman to finish the 1/2 marathon... so she got a prize of felt products and the worst vodka ever.
Aaaand a cell phone picture of our post-run pizza party in Joe's ger. It was glorious. 

So now that Mitt is gonna cut PBS funding, how are people going to watch Downton Abbey in America?? Remember, downloading is ILLEGAL. Luckily there's no copyrights here, so we're already on the 4th episode of the new season. VOTE OBAMA! SAVE DOWNTON ABBEY!

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