Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hold me fast, hold me fast, because I'm a hopeless wanderer

HEY. I found our (Sukhbaatar Aimag's) 70th anniversary Naadam photos that I never posted. Most are from archery because it's really the least popular of the 3 sports and it's easy to get up close. Because it was the anniversary, it was impossible to get the kind of shots I did the year before. There were SO MANY PEOPLE. And everyone thought we (Laurel- an awesome chick who went to MSU (yeah!!), is in med school, and was doing some work for my hospital) were tourists. One family was sitting next to us when we got good ol' Naadam khuurshuur, and thought we didn't know Mongolian until my CP came up to me and started speaking. Laurel said their faces were priceless.

I realized I never actually posted about this event, because it was a week before I left to move to UB. Whoops.

It was a wonderful hot sunny day for the first day (we saw a wreath laying ceremony for Mr. Sukhbaatar in the background, then we watched horse races and gambled with the grandmas):

(this and the parade picture are Laurel's pictures)
Horse racing gambling/game! 100 tugs to play... you have to roll ankle bones, and if you get the "horse" side, you can move up a space. First to the finish gets the other player's money. 

It rained like crazy the opening ceremony day, but my hospital was very adamant about having me in the parade with the doctors and nurses. I was a hot mess:

I am soaked and I look like I'm wearing a bag.
My hospital's doctors, soaking wet!

 But the next day was again sunny and it was spent watching the archery and wrestling (remember to click on it... they look better large):

This little dude asked me to take his picture. And now he is immortalized by the internet.

This is the other end of the archery. I would be scared to stand so close to where those arrows are flying!
And the kids had their own special place to practice :) 

And a special photo....
This last one is for you, Sarah!! :D Miss you girl!

Winter has come to UB. I hope ya'all are staying warm where ever you are!

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  1. Miss you too lady face!

    Also, another reason archery rocks: women can participate! They should call it the 1 Manly sport, the 1 Womanly sport and the 1 Child sport.