Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Howling ghost they reappear, in mountains that are stacked with fear

We did a trip! Check out the map (thanks to Krista!):

Where we went: Sumber soum (red dot) and Buir Lake (blue dot), Ikh Burkant (purple dot),

We were in Dornod, the province above mine. It borders both Russia and China, and we were (obviously) so close to the China side that we needed special permission from the government to be there. Even Ellen, our (now former!) Country Director, had to write a letter saying that we were cool and not spies for America or whatever. 

It was a looong ride (~8 hours) each way, and being only a two day trip, my tailbone was a bit bruised. It was some good times though. We even camped outside and made SMORES. Over a REAL ((cow-dung)) CAMPFIRE! I hadn't had smores in over 2 years (maybe 3?)... it was magical.

Anyway, to spare you the history lesson about this (turns out, extremely important) World War II battle site, read the wiki: 

Now! For pictures! (Pro tip: clicking on the picture makes it big and it seems to look better... at least on my work computer)

Actually in Dornod...
On a tank, also like a BOSS
Jess, lookin' good with her kitty umbrella... 
And me, lookin' not so good with my kitty umbrella... (I had a bum toe from a huge blister from the build, and it was HOT outside and I'm trying not to get sunburned. This was from when we were waiting for a ride back to the city after watching the horse race)
Aaaand here's Chris, in our ride back to the city. We're in a "pick-up" truck of sorts, probably more suitable for livestock.
Ok, NOW we're on our way east!
Past a many military checkpoints...
And FLAT open steppe.
I liked tree pictures this trip apparently. 
Near a mosquito-infested river! (It was really quite nice, but I still have bite-scars)
Our porgon, from faaar away.
Grave/memorial sites
Buddha on a hill (that we apparently weren't supposed to be on...? told to us after the fact) 
Really awesome.
Aaaand a huge lake that's connected to China. Which we apparently were also not supposed to swim in, also told to us after the fact!

Now that (my) Ellen has left... what is there for me to do? Apparently blogging and waiting for Naadam to be over so I can finish my project are the appropriate actions. Also, watching WWII documentaries. SO much I didn't know about it! I felt quite stupid. I need to take some more history classes.

Alrighty. Over and out.

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