Thursday, December 13, 2012

Pourquoi tu gâche ta vie?

Mika! Not just my old cat, but also a wonderful singer who has a new album out. Just lovely.

I'M GOING HOME ON MONDAY! ...Not for good, but for Christmas, New Years, the whole bit. So. Excited.

Let's see, Thanksgiving, IST, and these past two weeks have gone so fast. Really, where has the time gone? Soon enough, winter will be over and summer will be here again and then I'll leave Mongolia for good (at least for a couple years). I need to slow my roll... this has happened to me the same time every single year- I get all worked up over future plans. There's just so many things I have yet to do. One step at a time!

Weather check: It was -42F last week. Even Mongolians agreed- it was cold.

You should check out this article that has some quotes by me, and also a neato picture... of ME:

I'm just that cool. :) Also A2 is just that cool too!

No pictures, I just really wanted to post before I got state-side (and I'm busy baking cookies for my coworkers). I can just taste that Jimmy Johns!


  1. hey! I just read your little article... alright Michigan! Also, that other dude, Josh Becker... was my recruiter! Small world!

    1. Ha, no way! It's a small [Peace Corps] world after aaaaall!