Monday, April 30, 2012

One More Year, With Feeling!

Hey hey!

Since it's the last day in April, I so desperately wanted to make a blog post. There has been so many happenings.

I've officially accepted/got approved for one more year in this wonderful country. I'll be working with a brand new hospital in UB as (basically... or literally?) a nursing training manager/consultant. I'll also be a PCVL (Peace Corps Volunteer Leader) so I'll be busy helping the youngins and learning how PC works from the inside.

Soooo... that means you'll be stuck with at least another year of my ramblings. Congrats!

I've been insanely busy as always. Seminars, COS (close-of-service) conference, more seminars, projects, etc. Basically I was in UB the whole of April. It has been some busy times, indeed. Pictures are coming, I swear. I was gonna do a whole blog post about my amazing wonderful-time vacation, but I'll spare you... for now.

Now for something awesome. I'm currently into Game of Thrones, and I find this meme to be particularly hilarious:


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