Monday, December 19, 2011

Scarves. Scarves. SCARVES.

Now I've done it. I've gone and bought another scarf. I want to show you my scarves. Here we go:
This is part of my abnormally large Mongolian scarf collection.
This is the other half.
I have many kinds of scarves. Regular scarfs:
Why haven't I gotten my Hogwarts letter yet? (Seriously, this is a Ravenclaw scarf. Suck it, Hufflepuff!)
I would tell you where I got this one, but then I could have to kill you.  (It was free... found outside of the infamous FACE nightclub... probably a men's scarf. But I took it anyway because UB has taken too many pairs of gloves from me.)
Arguably my favorite scarf. I love the color.
Christmas present from my #1 sister :)
Mongolian sheep and camel wool scarf!
The only scarf that came with me initially from America.
Shawl-like scarves:
I got this one in Sunday Market in UB last Thanksgiving- apparently I'm really happy about it.
I got this one in Mars this past Thanksgiving- is there a trend here?

Hat and scarf sets:
I never wear the scarf (it came with the hat!), but you can tell by how dirty the hat is that I wear it ALL THE TIME.  Not pictured: the little pom-poms attached to the back of the hat.
And, my personal favorite of the moment, square scarves!!
This is the scarf that prompted this conversation. I got this in the market. Only $1.50!!
I got this one and the next one in UB. Only $3.50 each! 
Work it work it
Winter scarves:
I'M READY AGAIN FOR -40 TEMPS! This is actually supposed to be a summer shawl. Oh well.
Ok, not a scarf, but gaze upon my Mongolian rabbit (??) fur hat. Warm as hell.
And finally- a goat wool poncho type thing. Still trying to figure out where I can wear this.

Lastly!! Very big congrats to Melissa and Nick who got ENGAGED this weekend!! So freaking awesome! :D LOOK I found an old picture!!
D'awww :) Love you guys!

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