Monday, August 1, 2011

And life goes on!

Today was my first day back at "work" in a couple months (I say "work" as in sit at my desk in the hospital and work), because of camp and seminars (and my family visit!) and such. It was a little weird, but I wasn't as off in my morning routine as when I came back from America.

So it was pretty normal- we're having my dearest Ashley come this a'way to do a physical therapy seminar which is sure to be fun. As my CP and I were planning, I sensed something was a little off with Suvdaa, but I thought it was probably because I hadn't worked with her since camp, and I only saw her a couple of times after. That and we were probably both tired from the weekend.

Turns out that was NOT the case, ha. Conversation went something like this:
Me: Tuya is on vacation, yeah? Where is she?
S: I dunno. Maybe UB, maybe China.
Me: Ah. You said before you couldn't go to China, why was that?
S: Uh... (half laughs) I had problem.
Me (not wanting to press it further): Ah, I see.
S (grinning): .......
Me: ...??
S: ...I have baby.
Me: ....Umm... you do??
S (points to stomach): Yes.
Me: HOLYS&*%WHAAAAT?!?! That is AWESOME!!!

I proceeded to freak out for a few minutes, while Suvdaa laughed at me for being so excited. I had to try not to be TOO excited because in Mongolia it's bad luck to fawn over a baby that's not been born yet (baby showers = totally out of the question). Anyway, after those few minutes, though, my mind started to wonder... "That's so cool, I get to see a new Mongolian baby!" "But that means... she's gonna take leave and probably not be back before I leave." "Aw crap." It's fine though- Travis reminded me that it's not she's moving or anything, and that she'd probably want to help me in any way she can when she's away. I also have other CPs who are awesome too that I can work with while she's on leave.

I also had to remind myself of something that I think all PCVs remind themselves at least once during their service- life still goes on while you're here. Things don't stop happening just because you came to a different country. Good and bad things happen just as they do at home. I've already known some of the lows, such as illness and death, and I've seen how my Mongolian friends have reacted. Just in the past couple months it's been nice to see the highs- new buildings, new jobs, and now new babies. :) Although, Suvdaa's pregnancy isn't the first one that I've known. Khishgee, one of the English teachers, told me today she's thinking her baby is coming next week! And basically half of Sarah's teachers at her school are preggers right now (including her main CP as well), so I guess now's the season for love? Haha :)

So that's my news for the moment. :) Now I shall leave you with a couple 3x1 photos...

Bro and Camel

Ger Poles

Houdo Clouds


Field of Green

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