Thursday, March 3, 2011


Hey, I'll *try* to keep this blog at least PG-13-ish. Sometimes.

As I mentioned in my last post, or at least eluded to- I’m in AMERICA. It’s really not weird being here. The only time I got a little emotional over the culture was in the Korean airport when I saw Dunkin’ Doughnuts. How sad is that? It could have been how tired I was, but I guess after all these months it was really nice to see something so familiar. I also felt really dumb in the Korean airport, being forced to use English because God knows I can’t speak a lick of Korean (I don’t even know ‘hello’ or ‘thank you’). Oh well. I’m always impressed on how well Koreans speak English. Their pronunciation of words always seems really good compared to other nationalities… although in the airplane it cracked me up when the Korean guy ahead of me pointed to the seat rows and said, “A, B, zhee, D…” (How is Ezhee-Bezhee doing, Nema?)

America is awesome, just so you know. For all the bitching people do about their lives, you really have to remember how privileged you guys really are here.

Today my mum and I off to Orlando to see the Blue Man Group, and tomorrow is the Harry Potter Park! :D Then Saturday is my return to the cold north. Can’t wait! By the way- WAY too hot and humid here. Wow. I thought I would never feel this kind of weather again, but it’s been SO nice to wear sandles. We had to buy them right after we got Jimmy Johns (haha YES #9) when I got here because I only brought my big Mongol boots with me and my feet were SWEATING.

So today I’d like to share a neat selection of songs that I found/listened to on my way here. I tend to make travel playlists and listen to that stuff back to back. A lot of the songs have to do with “coming home,” which is not so hard to make out why. :)

“Coming Home” – Diddy (P. Diddy? Puff Daddy? I dunno)
                  Love this song. Come on, that chorus? It sounds super cheesy written out but it’s a beautiful song. For some reason the album cover and name (“Last Train to Paris”) really seals the deal for me.

“Coming Home” – The 88s
                  Oldie song that I had in my list (I mean, it’s just a song that’s been in my library for a long time), just it’s still oh so good.

“At Least It Was Here” – The 88s
                  Theme song to Community! I thought they sounded familiar, and it only took me to season 2 to figure it out! Ha. So freaking catchy, but kind of strange lyrics if you don’t look for the “live in the moment” meaning.

“99 Problems” – Jay Z
                  I blame Todd for my current Jay-Z obsession since he gave me his discography.

“Runaway” – Kanye West
                  Like a 10 minute song, but it’s pretty neat. Has a repetitive piano melody, which I love.

“Dog Days Are Over” – Florence + The Machine
                  Found this song watching Glee (haha). When I first heard it I thought it was really strange but it grew on me.

The whole of the “Sigh No More” album by Mumford and Sons
                  If you don’t have this album, GET IT. NOW. When I first listened to it, it literally (seriously, literally) took my breath away. It is a gorgeous piece of work.

 “What’s My Name” – Rihanna and Drake
                  I hate Rihanna, but this song gets in my head all the time… just the chorus though.

“It Won’t Be Long” – The Beatles
                  Old Beatles, yeah!

“Dear Avery” – The Decemberists
                  The final song on their newest album. Very pretty. “Dear aaaaverrrrry, cooome home” :)

“All Day and All of the Night” – The Kinks
                  Um, yeah. Great song.

“About Her” – Malcolm McLaren
                  This is the mix that that dude did for the Kill Bill soundtrack. I re-watched the movie and started looking for the songs to download.

And of course, “Leaving on a Jet Plane,” by Peter, Paul and Mary

That’s all for now. :) I’ll probably update after my vacation… 

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  1. glad to hear you got stateside all nice an cozy. Live that high life!!!

    PCV M20 Mongolia