Monday, August 23, 2010

New Volunteer, New Home

Hey ya'all! I finally got me some internets. Not at my apartment, though, so hang tight for that. Holy crap, so much to tell. Where to start?

Let's see... last Sunday was when the craziness started, but lemme back up a little before that. That Friday was my lil duu's birthday, of which Ashley and I made a wonderful cake, made from a modified brownie reciepe and my american frosting I got in UB way back at Naadam time. It. Was. Amazing. Not quite as amazing as when my mom pulled out fried onion rings (that I taught her how to make) and fried chicken! Mmmm.

So the next day (Saturday) was pretty uneventful except for us Healthies and CEDs frantically trading movies and TV shows so we won't be so bored in the winter.

Then Sunday. Oh yes, Sunday. It was the day to find out all the mysteries that Peace Corps had in store for us. Kind of like Lost, I suppose, yeah? First off, we had some announcements and such, but it was a little obvious that people weren't paying that much attention. We were all a little nervous to see how we did on our language tests we look the Thursday before. Well, turns out I passed! And I didn't just pass, I got one higher (you had to get Novice-High to pass, but I got Intermediate-Low), which was pretty crazy to me since I didn't think I did that great. But anyway, Oogii was very proud of us, and all of her original class passed as well! :)

The rest of the day there were sessions, but not as important as what was going to happen at 4:30. Our site announcements! I was a bit nervous, because this was where I was going to be living for the next two years! Turns out I'm in the East, whoop! (We're not supposed to say exactly where we are according to Peace Corps) I'm actually here right now at the moment, in an Aimag center, which is like the capital of the provience. I'll be working at the hospital directly with the nursing staff (as well as the doctors).

I seriously couldn't be more excited about this assignment. My supervisor, who is the head of the hospital, seems super motivated about things she wants changed in the hospital. There is also a ton of oppertunity to work with my site mates at the school and community centers.

Seems that I have to go... I'll update more tomorrow (I hope!). Peace and love :D

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