Tuesday, July 6, 2010

People as Places as People

Still forming my "Mongolian Soundtrack" but it seems Modest Mouse is in the lead...

My 4th of July was as cool as it could be, sans fireworks and BBQ. Ahh BBQ. I'm currently skyping with Luke and have told him I want Sweet Baby Rays sauce. Mmmm. But anyway, I spent most of the day with Americans doing the American thing and drinking beer and talking about how much we want BBQ. Heh.

An interesting thing has happened concerning some people I met on Saturday. Hmm. Will update when I can about that (if I can, I guess).

Our language test was today, which went as well as it could have, I suppose. I suck at remembering verbs! Hooray! We have the rest of the day off, which I'm trying to spend without taking a nap because if I'm bored, I watch movies, read a book and nap. Mmm. The weather is really nice though (I'm getting a crazy awesome tan, btw), so maybe I'll try to spend it outside.

I lost another kilo this week. I'm not going to be anything by the end of two years!

Mid-center days is tomorrow, and Naadam is this weekend. I guess I'm not going to UB for their Naadam because my mom says it gets really hot and it's really busy. Ah well!

Will post probably after the weekend, since it seems it's going to be hella busy here. Peace!

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  1. Wow Katie, that's a lot of pounds, do you need me to send you some new pants? or are you going to find some cool new Mongolian pants?
    Love, Lisa Davy M.